Accurate Product Images and Data

You need a complete, accurate planogram for each of your sales presentations. You need CPG images and accurate dimensions for all the products in your categories, including those of your competitors. You know it’s virtually impossible to collect this information yourself.

The Gladson Space Management Database sets the industry standard for excellence. Our grocery product database is used in 75 percent of CPG planograms produced in the U.S. Economies of scale and a proven process make our space management database the best-value solution. Using our web portal, your team can easily access and obtain high-quality, full-color CPG product images and highly-accurate dimensions. You’ll find the competitive products you need from among the one million products we’ve processed, covering more than 90 percent of products in most major consumer packaged goods categories. We process thousands of products to the database each month and are recognized by GS1 U.S. as a provider of high-quality data.

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