Build and Maintain Virtual Stores

You want to build virtual stores to test new products and package designs and understand shopper trends. You also use these tools to showcase new products and shopper marketing strategies in presentations to your retailer customers. In-house studios and hired photographers cost too much, and multiple image sources cause inconsistency. Unless your data is complete, accurate, and consistent, you’re compromising the quality of your market research and sales calls.

The Gladson Database delivers the most accurate and comprehensive product data available. Our industry-leading database allows you to achieve coverage of all the products in your category and directly access product images, dimensions, and data online. We are image experts, procuring and imaging the products you need. We add high-resolution images of thousands of new and updated products to our database each week. We promise you consistency as our processes conform to GS1 standards; your virtual store development will never be hampered by format and style differences.

Represent on-the-shelf product selection to test shopper behavior. Make a more compelling case in presentations to retail customers. Achieve savings over store field tests. Decrease content costs by working with the most comprehensive source of product images and information. Find new flexibility and speed in building virtual stores.

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