Brand Consistently Online and In-Store

You are faced with a unique challenge: every time a retailer requests images and information for your products, you are given another opportunity to increase your product’s visibility and sales.

But when those requests involve an ever-increasing number of retailers and websites, more file types, formats, channels, audiences and products, you quickly find yourself plagued by inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Gladson myBrands is the answer.

Brand owners who are looking for a way to meet the insatiable product content appetites of shoppers, retail partners and internal departments are turning to the Gladson myBrands Solution. Gladson myBrands is a comprehensive and cost-effective way to create, maintain and distribute complete, accurate and up-to-date content for your branded products.

With Gladson myBrands, you get the high-quality product images and the detailed product information you need for e-commerce, mobile applications, advertising, market research, category management, logistics and more, when you need it.

Gladson myBrands allows you to:

• Meet retailers’ requirements for product content

• Promote brand consistency and visibility across channels

• Streamline product content management for corporate initiatives and operations

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