Meet Foodservice GS1 US Initiative Requirements

Every year you spend thousands of hours correcting invoice discrepancies, regenerating orders and answering questions about item data.  Inaccurate and outdated product data depletes your time, money and hinders your ability to effectively market branded products, meet mandates and comply with Global Data Synchronization Network requirements.

Gladson’s solution for food service manufacturers helps you get up to speed quickly, meet Foodservice GS1 US Initiative requirements and improve performance with distributors and operators. As a GS1 US Accredited Provider for Package Measurement Services, we collect, host and transform your product information and images so they are complete, consistent and compliant with GS1 standards. We provide the required attributes and assets, and deliver the files back to you for sharing with your trading partners.

Ensure the timely capture of essential product attributes and high-quality images. Rely on a single source solution for building and maintaining a comprehensive library of content for all hierarchy levels. Speed the implementation of the Foodservice GS1 US Initiative. Meet mandates and distribute accurate product information and images to your customers.

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