Accurate Data for GDSN and Retailer Scorecards

You hesitate to tackle the challenge of GDSN implementation because you suspect your data is inadequate. You must meet the high expectations of retailer scorecards. Preparing and verifying data can be expensive.

Gladson’s comprehensive data synchronization solution provides you with accurate, complete and standards compliant product data and images for cases, inner packs and consumer units. We were the first service provider to be recognized by GS1 US as a data quality solution provider. We use your physical products, the only reliable source of data, to create the dataset you need to support your master data management initiatives and retailers’ requirements for data accuracy.

Using better product information internally means you can increase available warehouse space by ensuring products fit into their assigned slots, reduce inventory loss, and wasted time and enhance supply chain operations. You’ll improve service levels and obtain the product hierarchy and net content information needed to speed GDSN implementation. You’ll have the attributes and images you need for the GS1 Food Service initiative.

Save on data preparation and verification. Obtain higher scores on retailer scorecards and synchronize complete data across retailers and food service distributors and operators. Improve supply chain information. Build a database of standard attributes and accelerate GDSN implementation and GS1 Food Service compliance.

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