Market Research Database

Virtual stores are increasingly important to understanding consumer preferences and purchase decisions. To build a better virtual store for more effective market research and presentations, you need complete, accurate, consistent images and data. In-house product photography has a price tag that’s unreasonable. Collecting comprehensive product information is time-consuming and the use of multiple sources increases the risk of inconsistency.

The Gladson Database offers the industry-leading resource for the images and product data for 3D virtual stores. We set the standard for accurate, complete, current and consistent product photography and information, with a database containing hundreds of thousands of products. You can count on coverage of the competitive products in your category. Our economies of scale can shorten your timeline and lower your costs. We update our product database weekly with thousands of new and revised products. You directly access product images, dimensions, and data online, for the flexibility that accelerates your market research timeline. Our processes conform to GS1 standards, so you avoid problematic format and style differences.

Manufacturers can cost-effectively and efficiently test new products and package designs. Retailers can research pricing, in-store merchandising, and shelf-set strategies. Service providers, manufacturers, and retailers can realize shorter timelines and lower costs in creating virtual stores.

Depend on Gladson's Market Research and Virtual Store solutions to help you better understand your customers. Get started today!