Synchronize With Accurate Data

Master Data Solutions

Accurate, uniform product information for cases, inner packs, and consumer units can improve production and distribution operations for manufacturers and retailers. Using the data, you can also develop a product information master (PIM) that will drive applications across your enterprise. But complete and up-to-date product information is difficult and expensive to compile.

Our Master Data Solutions provide accurate, standards-compliant product information for cases, inner packs, and consumer units. We use physical products, the only reliable source of accurate data, to provide a GS1 US-certified solution. We engage in a continuous, sustainable process that keeps data current, utilizing a broad attribute set across all packaging hierarchy levels. We measure multiple product samples to ensure accurate data, take images for all hierarchy levels, and normalize data across family groups.

Both manufacturers and retailers can now trust the accuracy of their data, and improve production and distribution operations. Manufacturers and retailers will speed GDSN implementation and the development of centralized product information master (PIM) systems.

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