GS1 US Data Quality Solutions Partner

GS1 US Certification
The GS1 US certification recognizes Gladson’s proven expertise in delivering high-quality data that conforms to GS1measurement standards. Gladson MDS produces and maintains complete, accurate and up-to-date product master data. Gladson MDS data will be used by GS1 as an integral part of their scorecard process used by retailers to assess the quality of information received from manufacturers.

Complete, Certified and Sustainable Solution:

  • A sustainable, continuous process that keeps data current
  • A broad attribute set across all packaging hierarchy levels
  • Accurate data from multiple product samples
  • Images taken for all hierarchy levels
  • Data normalized across family groups

Gladson’s proprietary validation engine checks the data against industry-defined measurement tolerances by packaging types and ensures the proper product orientation. Gladson uses multiple samples which ensure the accurate representation of the products in the supply chain and on the shelf.

Actionable Reports
Actionable reports from Gladson MDS allow you to address the highest priority issues first, either the largest differences or specific error types. Reports include:

  • Comparison against current master data
  • Analysis of the packaging hierarchy
  • Analysis of bar code quality and compliance