Space Management Database

Planograms are a vital part of the store. To be effective, a planogram needs to include complete category coverage and accurate, up-to-date measurements and images. Gladson’s Space Management Database cost-effectively delivers the solutions you need.

We are your single source for complete consumer packaged goods data. We’ve processed more than a million products, covering more than 90 percent of products in most major CPG categories. We continuously refresh the data by adding and updating thousands of products each month. You’ll work more efficiently when you use accurate product images in your planograms. We meet GS1 measurement standards by employing a proprietary measurement system to ensure product dimensions that are accurate to .05 inch. Our web-based delivery system gives you access to this high-quality data whenever you need it.

We are an indispensible resource for the all-important planogram. With our capabilities, manufacturers can increase their productivity in developing planograms that sell. Retailers can create accurate, visually powerful, logical planograms to quickly implement merchandising programs. Our economies of scale and proven technology can save you money. 

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