Market Your Private Label Products

Are you struggling to cost-efficiently market your private label products? Are you worried your store brands aren’t being consistently and accurately represented across channels … or even worse, not being represented at all?

As more consumers seek out private label products at the shelf, online and on mobile devices, it becomes increasingly difficult – and essential – to create, maintain and distribute store brands product information across the path to purchase.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and turnkey solution for your private label product content, Gladson myBrands is the answer.

Gladson myBrands offers:

  • One “version of the truth” for your private label product images and information available in a single digital library
  • Compelling, accurate and complete product content available for broad enterprise uses including e-commerce, mobile applications, advertising, category management, nutrition programs, and more
  • Opportunity to increase the visibility of your private label products across channels including online, mobile and in-store

Give your store brands the Gladson myBrands advantage, click here.