Market Research Insights

The emerging technology of virtual stores enhances market research to improve understanding of consumer needs. Virtual retail environments help test new products and shelf programs. But with limited access to accurate, complete product data, your project timelines slow, your cost-efficiency decreases, and your ability to satisfy your clients is diminished 

The Gladson Market Research Database offers a turnkey solution for virtual store development. We offer high-quality images and product information to use in clear, compelling virtual stores and work with many leading providers of this technology. Our product content is complete and current. We code more than 150 attributes for each product. We take thousands of product shots every day to update the largest and most complete database of consumer packaged goods products in the U.S. We photograph six or more sides of the package and coded the full label detail, including the nutrition facts panel, ingredients and more. You can use Gladson as a single source of images and content to achieve significant cost and time savings.

Obtain the images and information you need. Replicate consumer shopping experiences and help gain understanding of purchase decisions. Drive marketing, merchandising, and sales decisions. Speed the process, control costs, and increase client satisfaction.

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