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On-Site Consultation

For more than 40 years, Gladson Design Group has built success by putting clients’ needs first. Our on-site consultation service is designed to understand the specifics of your retail space, location and current product mix and reveal capabilities of your store you may not have known ever existed.

Initially, one of our designers will visit your store to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals. From there we provide the following services:

  • store measurement and photos
  • traffic flow analysis
  • needs assessment of basic merchandising mix, customers and competition
  • development of customized store layout with emphasis on:
    • Fixture and workstation placement for greatest efficiency, security and personnel utilization
    • Creating predictable traffic flow
  • cost projections

Take the first step and call 630.435.2249 today to learn what Gladson Design Group’s on-site consultation services can do for you.