Gladson myBrands Solution

From websites and mobile apps, to in-store signage and weekly circulars, CPG manufacturers and retailers have unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers across the path to purchase. But doing so effectively is no easy task. Delivering brand assets across diverse channels and platforms represents a growing challenge for CPG companies.

With Gladson myBrands, it is now possible to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies and achieve cost savings for the creation, maintenance and distribution of product content. Gladson myBrands allows CPG companies to deliver accurate and compelling product content that improves customer relationships, brand integrity, internal efficiency, and ultimately, omni-channel effectiveness.

Gladson myBrands offers:

• One “version of the truth” for product images and information available in a single digital library

• Compelling, consistent, up-to-date product content that support various enterprise uses including websites, mobile applications, advertising programs, category management, logistics, market research, and more

• Greater brand control and consistency across all media and channels

• Highest quality product content maintained at lowest total cost while ensuring timely availability and delivery

• Product information and images that are compliant with GS1 standards

• Accurate product data to keep internal systems and processes running at peak performance

• Syndicated distribution of product content to an extensive network of retailers, online apps and websites; as well as custom content delivery to satisfy specific customer requirements

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