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Product Marketing Content

A Single Platform for Digital Management of Creative Assets

Increase the efficiency of your merchandising programs by including your digital marketing content alongside your product information.

Our brand and digital asset management solution delivers a robust platform that allows manufacturers to manage, store and distribute product marketing collateral to retail partners, third party agencies or internally within their organizations.

Promote Brand Consistency

Never worry about the wrong marketing messaging or product descriptions being used to promote and sell your products. By utilizing a single platform for housing all product images, promotional copy and descriptions, manufacturers can ensure the right information is being delivered from all internal departments to external stakeholders, which in turn optimizes the sales potential for retailers and agencies.

Control Internal User Permissions and Access

Take your digital asset management a step further with customized permission for your user groups. Our team can set you up with personalized access functions to control the product photos seen by different levels of users allowing for all-access users to have historical records of product information while limited access groups only see what is the most relevant to them.

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