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SmartLabel® Integration

Helping Brands and Retailers Meet Consumer Demands for Transparent Product Information

Q: What’s the #1 Thing Consumers Demand from Brands?

A: Transparency

As consumers want more information about the products they use, retailers and manufacturers have joined together in this transparency initiative providing detailed content about nutrition, allergens, product usage, safety instructions, certifications, and many other attributes across a majority of product categories. By using Gladson’s solution, you have a one-stop process to comply to SmartLabel requirements and deliverables.

The Power of Ingredient Transparency

Now, more than ever before, the number one consumer demand is transparent, accurate, instantly accessible information for everyday products they use and consume. This requirement is fueling industry initiatives like SmartLabel® — a program that enables consumers to gain access to online pages with consistent, complete product data on a wide range of food, beverage, household, pet and personal care products – from their smartphones, desktops or tablets.


Trusted Content is No Longer Just Nice – It’s Necessary

Going beyond the label with complete product information transparency drives relevance, consumer trust and sales. It’s no surprise that brands with SmartLabel pages have seen double digit growth in certain categories during the past year.

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Comprehensive, Turnkey Solution

Our SmartLabel solution is the most extensive in the industry, allowing brands and retailers to easily meet guidelines and satisfy information-hungry shoppers with hundreds of product attributes across categories. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Provide consumers with a consistent view of hundreds of attributes including nutrition, ingredients, allergens and more with customized landing page templates.
  • Easily determine which data exists and what is needed to populate the mandatory and voluntary landing page fields to meet SmartLabel requirements.
  • Streamline the process for building Smartlabel microsite pages populated with necessary product information when using existing product data curated by Gladson.
  • Create immersive product pages by enriching them with enhanced content and assets.
  • Disseminate data to your SmartLabel microsite with Gladson curated and/or hosted digital product content and images.


Our SmartLabel solution is a simple, efficient way to create SmartLabel pages that provide complete, accurate and transparent data to instill consumer trust, help shoppers make informed decisions and drive conversions.

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