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Manage All Your Product Information In A Single Source
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Achieve a new standard of consistent, accurate, and current product data and images within a single source managed by your team that enables retailer partners to increase your product sales.

To increase your products’ sales, retailers must have accurate, detailed and up-to-date information on your products. Streamline the process across internal departments and ensure everyone at your organization is communicating with the most current and highest quality marketing materials, images, and product specs when doing business with retailers.

The answer lies in a single source of truth; a platform powered by us and managed by you to ensure the efficient transfer of information from your team to its trading partners. Take control of your product assets with Gladson’s solutions for manufacturers.

As your company grows, so does your portfolio of products. Whether you have 200 or 200,000, the key to sales is making sure those selling your products have the specs, product descriptions, nutrition information, images, promotional copy, and ingredient lists they need to market it. Never miss a sale due to inconsistent information across channels with a single source for your organization to access and utilize. Learn More

Ensure you can follow GS1 standards with detailed and accurate product information in our verified database of brand and digital assets. Whether providing information for brick and click or pure-play e-commerce retailers, we can help you get your product information submitted in the proper format including detailed nutrition information, product images. Learn More

Accurate, uniform product information for cases, inner packs, and consumer units can improve production and distribution operations. This data is essential to developing the end-to-end consistency necessary to drive applications across your enterprise, but creating and maintaining this can often be difficult and expensive. That’s where Gladson comes in with our continuous, sustainable data collection process that keeps your information current by utilizing a broad attribute set across all packaging hierarchy levels. Learn More

Communicating every new or changed product in your portfolio can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. Your team’s efforts are better spent on marketing those products, so let the Gladson team handle the cataloging and updates. Our services team can capture the photos, dimensions, ingredients, and other necessary product information you and your retailers need to market and sell your products.Updates are communicated to all the databases your retailers subscribe to within our network  Learn More

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