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Resources for Product Marketing & Advertising Professionals

Create A Consistent Marketing Message Across the Manufacturer-Retailer Ecosystem
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Increasing in-store and eCommerce revenue requires effective merchandising and marketing to streamline the shopper’s experience from entry to purchase.

As more consumers turn to the Internet to research grocery and personal care items, you need to ensure a consistent, positive brand message—from online to in-store—to increase sales. Doing so requires retailers have your approved brand images and messaging in their required formats with customized attributes. That is where we can help. Let us work with you to close that gap by identifying what is missing and then helping transform the data to meet retailer specs.

The more products and product lines a manufacturer has to manage, the more teams it requires for effective execution across all fronts. Whether you are an agency or an in-house marketing professional, you need to ensure the product messaging, information, and images you want used are delivered to their recipients with accuracy. Our brand and digital asset management solutions allow for a single source of truth for all product marketing materials across departments. Learn More

A marketing campaign or advertising design for a single product can require multiple photos of the item from as many as six different angles. That need gets compounded when you have to create more than one size for each ad design in both print and digital formats, then duplicate those efforts for each product you need to promote across one or more manufacturer’s lines. Cut your production time in half with our single source for all the advertising images you need for products across the consumer goods industry. Learn More

What are the newest trends in product packaging? Are your competitors rolling out new line extensions or sizes? Are there new entrants to your category? By understanding the entire category your brands play in, you can better see what competitors are up to, and how you can maximize your effectiveness on the shelf and online. Learn More

How Gladson Addresses The Needs of Agencies and Marketing Professionals

We are your one-stop-shop for a complete database of the most products, the best delivery systems and the highest quality images needed for your marketing and advertising programs.

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