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Ease Your Shoppers' Path To Purchase To Drive Sales
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Increasing in-store and eCommerce revenue requires effective merchandising, marketing, and store layout strategies that streamline the shopping experience from entry to purchase.

You need transparent product content at retail and through all online, mobile and in-store programs. With Gladson as your partner you have access to an enterprise-wide solution for consistent, quality product images, descriptions and marketing information. Our databases provide the most comprehensive assortment of consumer and digital goods information available today, all customizable to your specific delivery formats.

Our expansive client network ensures a consistent flow of new and current products ready for access via a single source of regularly maintained and updated information for better category management and eCommerce performance. Gladson helps retailers execute effective strategies with digital and customized delivery systems designed with you in mind. Learn More

Creating planograms for your store requires the exact dimensions and images for every product that’ll be on your shelves. Acquiring all of this information from manufacturers is a difficult and time consuming process, without which your planograms aren’t optimized and you may be missing out sales due to inaccurate use of valuable shelf space. We work directly with manufacturers to streamline their product information management operations so that we can provide you with most up-to-date information across the industry to design optimal planograms. Learn More

Knowing the products for your shelves is only half the battle when it comes to setting up a brick-and-mortar, or brick-and-click, store for success. Create the optimal floor plan that will ease the shopper through your space from entry to purchase. Our team of CAD experts can create the ideal layout for your shelves by creating the best experience for your customers. Learn More

Shelf resets, restocking, shoppers and store personnel test a planogram’s effectiveness each day. Without clearly identifiable and attention-grabbing shelf edge strips, items may be misplaced, shelf space will be misused, product movement won’t be logged correctly in your system due to incorrect barcode matching, and your customers won’t get the necessary pricing information they need. We can provide your store(s) with a turnkey solution designed to enable your team to create eye-catching shelf strips. Our merchandising experts can even develop and ship all the strips for you! Learn More

Moving products from your shelves or warehouse into the homes of customers relies on effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Sourcing all of the various product images you need for both website and printable collateral is a drain on resources. Gladson’s advertising database enables you to access a single source for all the angles, file types, and file sizes you need for all the products you sell. Learn More

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